Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Epic Sports Marketing's Masters Triathlon at Moss Park was the grand finale for the Blanchard Park Y Tri team.  We had competitors in all races; sprint, olympic, triathlon, duathlon and aquabike.  Everyone performed well despite the colder than we were used to temperatures.  Many of us were racing for the first time or the first time at a new distance.

Sprint Results
Ron Irizarry                1st Overall Male Aquabike            1:01:39
Megan Montgomerry    2nd Overall Female Aquabike       1:17:05
Kathleen Johnson        2nd Overall Female Duathlon        1:32:37
Julio Godreau             3rd Overall Male Triathlon            1:09:58
Anthony Chavez          3rd Male 20-24 Triathlon              1:20:53
Drew Gillespie            2nd Male 25-29 Triathlon              1:21:11
Travis Douglas           2nd Male 35-39 Triathlon              1:25:02
Greg Stephens           2nd Male 40-44 Triathlon              1:26:16
Renee Douglas           1st Female 30-34 Triathlon           1:28:10

Olympic Results
Jacklynn Stroz            1st Overall Female Aquabike        1:35:13
Lisa Henry                  3rd Overall Female Aquabike       1:50:41
Natalie Roudabush      1st Female 40-44 Aquabike          1:54:39
Shyam P                     2nd Overall Male Duathlon           2:35:06
Daniela Hodge            2nd Overall Female Duathlon        2:36:47
Suzy Armstrong          2nd Female 35-39 Triathlon          2:42:38
Tracy Bosch               2nd Female 40-44 Triathlon          2:44:46
Ericka Stephens          3rd Female 40-44 Triathlon          2:45:31
Arnold Noorlander       5th Male 45-49 Triathlon              2:46:15
Heather Surrency        4th Female 40-44 Triathlon          2:48:12
Brice Gyurisko            1st Male Military Triathlon           2:57:59

We want to recognize Brice's determination to finish the race.  Both of his eyes became chemical burned during or after the swim and then both cornea's became scratched yet he continued on through the bike and run, half blind.  What an example of will power (don't try this at home ;)

Also, our very own Jim Diaz competed in the Great Floridian Intermediate length triathlon last weekend and felt great.  He had been training for the Augusta 70.3 but registration had just closed before he signed up.  So he signed up to take on the hills of Clermont, including Sugar Loaf, and finished 4 miles short of the 1/2 IM distance in 7 hours with very little pain.  Awesome performance Jim!

Stay tuned for the Blanchard Park Y Tri team's Winter season as we take on the OUC 1/2 marathon and start setting goals for the 2012 season.


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