Monday, June 13, 2011

That pretty much sums it up.  The sprint tri in Clermont was a huge success for the Blanchard Park Y Tri team.  We had more than 20 people racing and several people cheering from "Team Green".  The general feeling was that the swim was a little shorter than last year but the bike and the run were the same.  The temp seemed a little bit cooler (man, it was hot last year).  I'm not 100% certain but I am fairly sure that everyone who raced last year beat their time this year.  Awesome show of consistency and dedication.
Also, during the triathlon, Sommer Sports hosted a 5k that our very own Jennifer Gerard competed in and placed 7th in her age group.  Go Jennifer!!
Also also, Renee Tercsak not only went out to Clermont on Saturday to cheer on the team ... she went back out to Clermont on Sunday to compete in the Half Iron tri and placed 1st.  Awesome!!

Here's our sprint triathlon results ...
For complete results listing, including splits, click here

Jason Victor 1:02:16 2nd
Jacklynn Stroz 1:03:05    2nd Overall - beat last year by 3:30
Julee Waldrop 1:04:54    1st Female Masters
Britney Alberson 1:04:58    1st
Josh Wilson 1:06:42   5th
Julio Godreau 1:10:17 10th
John Legarreta 1:11:29   10th
Drew Gillespie  1:15:12   4th
Tracy Bosch 1:15:19   6th - beat last year by 13:00
Paul VonWerder 1:15:38    9th
Brice Gyurisko 1:15:47   10th - beat last year by 10:00
Ericka Stephens  1:17:09   7th - beat last year by 7:00
Kate Sumrow  1:17:18    6th
Lisa Henry 1:17:51    8th
Doug Gerard 1:18:10   11th - beat last year by 20:00
Heather Surrency 1:18:40   1st - beat last year by 12:00
Daniela Hodge  1:25:06   9th
Greg Stephens 1:31:04   3rd
Megan Montgomery 1:35:11   1st
Kayleigh Bledsoe 1:57:46   4th - beat last year by 6:00
Barry Oser            


WayneG said...

I ran this tri last year as my first triathlon with a time of about 1:38, so I beat my last time by 20 minutes!

bpytri said...

I updated. Thanks Doug :) and GREAT job!!

John Trapp said...

Big congrats to Drew! Good job buddy!

Thaddeus Cornell said...

Great job to everybody

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