Monday, February 7, 2011

What an awesome experience and a challenging course! The weather was a bit warm on Saturday for the 5K and 8K but perfect on Sunday for the half marathon/marathon folks. The bridges were LONG but we were ready for them. So much fun to see many BPY Tri/Running Club teammates out there running or supporting. Many great performances as well!

    5K (3.1 mi) Racers:
Shyam - 30:45 1st 5K! Awesome first race!
Lindsey - 35:17 Just came back after a bum knee. Way to run girl!
    8K (4.97 mi) Racers:
Vilma - 52:03 1st 8K! Great job!
Jennifer G - 1:08:18 1st 8K! So proud of you!
Kim - 41:49 Fantastic race pace!
    Half Marathon (13.1 mi) Racers:
Tatia - 2:07:42 Hadn't run more than 6 miles since Dec. Wow!
Megan - 2:33:18 PR! GREAT job Megan!
Diane - 2:17:14 Fabulous!
Denise - 2:48:04 Running for two and did fantastic!
Melissa - 2:26:55 PR! Hit her goal right on!
Drew - 2:02:19 1st half marathon!  Did AWESOME!!!
Jason - 2:05:01 1st half marathon!  Fantastic run!
Jade - 1:44:06 1st place AG! Amazing girl!
Christina - 1:44 FAST even though she was just pacing a friend!
Natalie - 2:30:38 2nd half marathon done despite knee pain!
Carmen - 1:58:40 Excellent 1st half marathon!
    Marathon (26.2 mi) Racers:
Erik - 3:46:59 AWESOME 1st marathon! Wow Erik!
Shirley - 3:53:02 BQ & 3rd place AG on a training run!
Britney - 4:02:48 Very impressive 1st marathon!
Renee - 4:09:32 Great 2nd marathon despite stomach issues at the start!
Josh - 4:32:07 Wonderful 1st marathon!
Yoly - 5:01:32 Fantastic 2nd marathon despite some knee issues!
Tracy - 4:40:48 Incredible, consistent paced 1st marathon!
Doug - 5:30:04 Strong to the end of his 1st marathon!
Liz - 5:44:30 Great 1st marathon despite a bum knee!
Coach Jacklynn - DNF :((( Ran 16 miles but had been sick the week before and side effects from medication were causing a dangerously high HR. Very proud of you, Coach, for listening to your body. We know you will nail the 26.2 distance soon and will be rooting for you!

Below are some race photos from Sunday's half marathon and full marathon. If anyone has any 5K/8K photos, email us and we'll be happy to add them.

Lastly, below are links to the official race results. If we've missed including you in our results above or there are any errors, please let us know!

Full marathon
Half marathon

Congrats to all who ran one of the events and a BIG thank you to all family members and friends who came out to cheer for us and take pictures. Stay tuned for a write-up by Tracy about her first marathon experience.


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