Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a gorgeous day last Saturday was and what a great turnout we had at both the Deerwood 5K and at our team kick off meeting, even with many team members having other obligations and unable to attend. This was the second annual Deerwood 5K benefiting nearby Deerwood Elementary School and we were pleased to see that the number of runners & walkers had increased from last year. Again, the course was out and back along the scenic J. Blanchard Park Trail, our favorite running training route.

Here are some photos from the race (apologies for a couple blurry photos):

Race results can be found here. Congrats to everyone who participated!


For those who were unable to attend our Tri Club Kick Off Meeting, here are links to the handouts.

BPY Tri Club Brochure
Kick Off Party Handout
BPY Tri Club Handbook
BPY Tri Club Registration Form

Note that existing members are asked to submit a new tri club registration form. We will be having MANY first timers joining our morning and evening crews so look for new faces and please introduce yourselves when we start our "official" triathlon practice next Monday, February 7th. We want to make sure everyone feels welcome.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out at the meeting, to MIX 1 for coming and supporting our team with free MIX 1 protein drinks and donating a case as a raffle giveaway, and to Cycle Spectrum for donating many great raffle prizes as well (2 bike computers, a couple of tire changing kits, CO2 Cartirdges, Insulated water bottles, and many more things). Fabulous surprises!


John T said...


I think it would be a cool idea to post on this site, a list of races that are outside of the Team's Official Race Schedule, that people on the team are participating in. I know that you and Kerrie and Renee and I do other races (I know I'm leaving out lots of people, but just naming a few) and maybe it would help generate a support group for these races?

ShirleyPerly said...

Thanks for the suggestion, John. I'll run it by Coach J and see what she thinks. I think it'd be fun to know what other races we may be doing.

Arnold Noorlander said...

Sorry I missed it, I had to work ;-( but I am definatly interested in joining the Tri-Club!

bpytri said...

Arnold, we look forward to having you join us! If you haven't already, please send us an email at to get on Coach Jacklynn's email list. She sends out weekly emails with more details on workouts, etc.

ShirleyPerly said...

John, we're going to set up a place for teammates to tell others about non-club races they are doing on our BPY Facebook page under the Discussions tab. This way people can chime in whenever they want with what they're doing w/o me having to make changes to the blog. The blog will be focused on club races for the most part with some occasional posts about other interesting race experiences. Thanks for your input!

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