Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photobucket Saturday, December 3rd, our Blanchard Park Y team showed up en masse at the OUC Half Marathon & 5K. There were many first timers and personal bests on the race course.  We sported our new team running shirts, both racers and support crew.  The team camaraderie was like none other.  Special thanks to all of our members, friends and families who cheered us on throughout the course.  Eddie, Kate, Melissa, Jeff, Darwin, Shaula, Denise and her Mom, the spouses and kids of Charlie and Arnold, Kim's boyfriend, Marie's family and friends and ALLLL of Daniela's family.  Thanks so much!

Results are below :)

5K results                        time           pace
Christina Lowhorn         0:24:50       07:59.3
 Carmen Galloway         0:27:14       08:45.8
 Rachel Mann                0:29:10       09:23.3
 Natalie Roudabush       0:30:34       09:50.2
 Melinda Mann              0:30:51       09:55.6
 Ron Irizarry                  0:32:06      10:19.7
 Mike Johnson               0:33:15      10:41.9
 Keila Mena                  0:39:54       12:50.4

 1/2 Marathon    
 Charlie St Cyr-Paul       1:35:21       07:16.7
 Jason Victor                 1:39:43       07:36.7
 Anthony Chavez           1:43:55       07:55.9
 Jacklynn Stroz             1:49:02       08:18.0
 Kathleen Johnson         1:49:24       08:21.0
 Brice Gyurisko             1:53:38       08:40.4
 Yoly Wajda                  1:56:35       08:54.0
 Juli VonWerder            1:56:45       08:54.7
 Will Gonzalez              1:59:23       09:06.8
 Paul VonWerder           2:00:05       09:09.9
 Tracy Bosch                 2:03:38       09:26.2
 Kim Whitehall              2:05:29       09:34.7
 Tatia Hutchinson          2:06:12      09:38.0
 Suzy Armstrong            2:07:28      09:43.8
 Arnold Noorlander         2:10:06      09:55.9
 Shyam Pallavajjala       2:11:09       09:52.9
 Daniela Hodge             2:12:35      10:07.2
 Ericka Stephens           2:13:27      10:11.2
 Denise Nosari              2:13:44      10:12.5
 Heather Surrency         2:15:01      10:18.4
 Andrea Rediske           2:19:14      10:37.7
 Marie Leticee              2:21:21     10:47.4
 Kerrie Gregory             2:42:02     12:22.1
 Eric Hull                      2:51:15     13:04.3
 Paul Kolinsky               2:51:16     13:04.4
 Carlos Arroyo              no official results
 Michael Singleton        no official results

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Epic Sports Marketing's Masters Triathlon at Moss Park was the grand finale for the Blanchard Park Y Tri team.  We had competitors in all races; sprint, olympic, triathlon, duathlon and aquabike.  Everyone performed well despite the colder than we were used to temperatures.  Many of us were racing for the first time or the first time at a new distance.

Sprint Results
Ron Irizarry                1st Overall Male Aquabike            1:01:39
Megan Montgomerry    2nd Overall Female Aquabike       1:17:05
Kathleen Johnson        2nd Overall Female Duathlon        1:32:37
Julio Godreau             3rd Overall Male Triathlon            1:09:58
Anthony Chavez          3rd Male 20-24 Triathlon              1:20:53
Drew Gillespie            2nd Male 25-29 Triathlon              1:21:11
Travis Douglas           2nd Male 35-39 Triathlon              1:25:02
Greg Stephens           2nd Male 40-44 Triathlon              1:26:16
Renee Douglas           1st Female 30-34 Triathlon           1:28:10

Olympic Results
Jacklynn Stroz            1st Overall Female Aquabike        1:35:13
Lisa Henry                  3rd Overall Female Aquabike       1:50:41
Natalie Roudabush      1st Female 40-44 Aquabike          1:54:39
Shyam P                     2nd Overall Male Duathlon           2:35:06
Daniela Hodge            2nd Overall Female Duathlon        2:36:47
Suzy Armstrong          2nd Female 35-39 Triathlon          2:42:38
Tracy Bosch               2nd Female 40-44 Triathlon          2:44:46
Ericka Stephens          3rd Female 40-44 Triathlon          2:45:31
Arnold Noorlander       5th Male 45-49 Triathlon              2:46:15
Heather Surrency        4th Female 40-44 Triathlon          2:48:12
Brice Gyurisko            1st Male Military Triathlon           2:57:59

We want to recognize Brice's determination to finish the race.  Both of his eyes became chemical burned during or after the swim and then both cornea's became scratched yet he continued on through the bike and run, half blind.  What an example of will power (don't try this at home ;)

Also, our very own Jim Diaz competed in the Great Floridian Intermediate length triathlon last weekend and felt great.  He had been training for the Augusta 70.3 but registration had just closed before he signed up.  So he signed up to take on the hills of Clermont, including Sugar Loaf, and finished 4 miles short of the 1/2 IM distance in 7 hours with very little pain.  Awesome performance Jim!

Stay tuned for the Blanchard Park Y Tri team's Winter season as we take on the OUC 1/2 marathon and start setting goals for the 2012 season.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a weekend!  Augusta 70.3 Ironman will be a race that will never be forgotten.  Congratulations to the 13 people who conquered this distance.  The swim was downstream and wetsuit legal (BIG BONUS).  The bike course had beautiful rolling hills that led our ride from Georgia into South Carolina.  And the 13.1 mile run was filled with family, friends, and spectators cheering us all along the hot (92 degrees) course.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful race.

I'm very proud of each and every athlete from our team that participated.  I'm even more pumped about the support that I saw from our team that didn't race as each of us heard amazing words of encouragement from each of you.  It helped each one of us finish this race up until the last mile.  You were all running through our heads as we knew that you were home cheering for us.  Augusta was a weekend that will not be forgotten and it was a victory that will go down in the books.  ;)  All of you took on the challenge and came out in the end as champions.  Never forget this race.  And never forget that we are "powered by God!"  It's through His making that we can tell others about a race that seems impossible but in the end we believed and came out victorious!  Now that it's over....GO EAT!!!!  ;)

Results are below the slideshow.  Be sure to watch the whole slideshow, there are pictures here that are not posted on Facebook.

              BIB  AGE  SWIM   T1     BIKE     T2       RUN    TOTAL  RANK  DIV.
Jason      677   31  25:24  3:38  2:44:04  2:02  2:02:23  5:17:31  461   84
Britney   2749  26  27:07  3:30  2:50:39  1:48  1:57:05  5:20:09  500   14
Jessica   3011  37  26:03  3:23  2:53:54  1:55  2:02:21  5:27:36  637   19
Jacklynn 2970  34  25:58  4:42  2:51:47  2:38  2:04:25  5:29:30  677   22
Barry       976  36  27:55  4:35   2:44:12  3:35  2:14:45  5:35:02  787  149
Julee     2650   52  29:51  3:04  2:53:31  1:49  2:16:12  5:44:27  1011  17
Tracy     2446  42  30:55  4:57  3:06:07  3:44  2:23:35  6:09:18  1556  84
Paul       1715  43  26:42  5:32  3:02:53  1:59  2:34:29  6:11:35  1606  287
Doug      2052  50  29:59  7:43  3:08:12  5:33  2:54:06  6:45:33  2185 124
Brice      2182  54  34:00  5:35  3:34:06  3:19  2:54:57  7:11:57  2407 139
Greg      1760  45  30:52  9:52  4:00:23  5:07  2:33:13  7:19:27  2453  219
Melissa     72   57  40:21  8:04  3:39:04  5:54  3:08:17  7:41:40  2544  19
Megan   2867  31   37:43 5:40   4:04:30  3:16  3:00:16  7:51:25  2572 135

Monday, September 19, 2011

The 2nd annual Roy McConnell Mango Triathlon was held last weekend in honor of our fallen teammate.

What a great weekend we had racing in memory of Roy and his boys.  It is races like this that really bring our team closer together and allow us to spend quality time with each other.  There was so much encouragement, what an amazing team to be a part of.  With so many racing and cheering, we really showed the McConnell family the support and love we have for them.  And as the years pass, more athletes will race who did not know Roy.  But we will continue to carry him in our hearts and share what he was about with others.

And the results I was able to find are as follows ... (let me know if I missed anyone)

overall class     Name                               Class                       TotalTime

1         1          Ron Irazarry                     SA M Overall           0:58:26 

9         1          Shyam Pallavajjala            SD M 35-39            1:30:52 

 22      3         John And The Goombas     ST Relay Coed         1:13:20 
 23      3         Julio Godreau                    ST M 20-24             1:14:14 
 34      4         3 DecS                              ST Relay Coed         1:17:41 
 35      2         Three For Roy                   ST Relay Female      1:17:44 
 44      2         Brice Gyurisko                   ST M Military          1:20:39 
 48      3         Drake Bosch                      ST M 14 & Under     1:21:32 
 56      5         Arnold Noorlander             ST M 45-49              1:24:50 
 59      5         Natalie Roudabush             ST F 40-44              1:26:13 
 60      1         Greg Stephens                   ST M 40-44             1:26:14 
 73      5         Beauty And The Beast        ST Relay Coed         1:32:51 
 76      7         James Diaz                        ST M 45-49             1:34:43 
 84      1         Megan Montgomery           ST F 30-34              1:46:35  
and ...
My First Tri
16       1         Paul Kolinsky                    MFT S.Clyd 40+        1:36:27

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am seriously slow about getting the results up and I apologize profusely.

The Jacksonville Sprint Tri was awesome.  What a fun race!  We had a great turnout from our Blanchard Park team and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  The race was a 1/4 mile swim in the ocean.  The rollers were reasonably big but ok to swim in.  The breakers weren't too hard to get through.  There was a long run up the beach but transition was right there so it was not that bad either.  The bike course was a long flat 16 miles. Definitely a good ride for strong bikers.  The run was through some residential neighborhoods but there was not much wind and even less shade so it was quite warm.  Overall a very fun race!

Place Name  Time  Time Time Time Time Time
3      Britney A 7:53.8 1:09 43:10.9  0:56 22:48.2 1:15:56.2
3      Jacklynn S 7:53.1 0:56 43:09.1  1:04 23:00.8 1:16:02.8
9      Joshua W 9:05.2 1:01 45:55.6  1:01 26:47.4 1:23:49.4
6      Tracy B 9:54.6 1:20 45:11.6  1:20 28:29.8 1:26:14.8
9      Doug G 9:18.7 2:30 44:26.2  1:20 30:36.1 1:28:10.1
11      Chris M 8:40.0 1:34 45:27.2  1:45 32:14.1 1:29:40.1
12      Drew G 9:11.3 1:20 48:17.9  1:00 29:57.7 1:29:45.7
15      Arnold N 9:15.9 2:14 44:46.7  2:28 32:21.6 1:31:04.6
14      Daniela H 7:54.4 1:32 53:42.3  1:42 31:42.6 1:36:32.6
15      Andrea R 10:25.9 2:03 52:18.5  1:56 29:53.4 1:36:35.4
16      Natalie R 9:31.7 1:25 53:23.2  1:57 34:50.9 1:41:06.9
21      Jim D 12:40.3 3:20 55:46.6  2:55 27:58.8 1:42:39.8
3      Mike S 8:07.8 2:20 57:50.5  1:02 33:35.1 1:42:54.1
20      Rachel M 9:32.1 2:16 54:01.5  1:01 39:06.8 1:45:56.8

Monday, June 13, 2011

That pretty much sums it up.  The sprint tri in Clermont was a huge success for the Blanchard Park Y Tri team.  We had more than 20 people racing and several people cheering from "Team Green".  The general feeling was that the swim was a little shorter than last year but the bike and the run were the same.  The temp seemed a little bit cooler (man, it was hot last year).  I'm not 100% certain but I am fairly sure that everyone who raced last year beat their time this year.  Awesome show of consistency and dedication.
Also, during the triathlon, Sommer Sports hosted a 5k that our very own Jennifer Gerard competed in and placed 7th in her age group.  Go Jennifer!!
Also also, Renee Tercsak not only went out to Clermont on Saturday to cheer on the team ... she went back out to Clermont on Sunday to compete in the Half Iron tri and placed 1st.  Awesome!!

Here's our sprint triathlon results ...
For complete results listing, including splits, click here

Jason Victor 1:02:16 2nd
Jacklynn Stroz 1:03:05    2nd Overall - beat last year by 3:30
Julee Waldrop 1:04:54    1st Female Masters
Britney Alberson 1:04:58    1st
Josh Wilson 1:06:42   5th
Julio Godreau 1:10:17 10th
John Legarreta 1:11:29   10th
Drew Gillespie  1:15:12   4th
Tracy Bosch 1:15:19   6th - beat last year by 13:00
Paul VonWerder 1:15:38    9th
Brice Gyurisko 1:15:47   10th - beat last year by 10:00
Ericka Stephens  1:17:09   7th - beat last year by 7:00
Kate Sumrow  1:17:18    6th
Lisa Henry 1:17:51    8th
Doug Gerard 1:18:10   11th - beat last year by 20:00
Heather Surrency 1:18:40   1st - beat last year by 12:00
Daniela Hodge  1:25:06   9th
Greg Stephens 1:31:04   3rd
Megan Montgomery 1:35:11   1st
Kayleigh Bledsoe 1:57:46   4th - beat last year by 6:00
Barry Oser            

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blanchard Park Swim-a-thon and Baldwin Park Triathlon

We had an excellent turn out yesterday for our first Swim-a-thon fundraiser for scholarships. We raised over $1000. Yeah!!!

Several of our teammates participated in the Baldwin Park Triathlon before the Swim-a-thon and did very well. Here are the results ...
Name                           Swim       Bike       Run        Total
Galloway Relay            0:09:47   0:40:39    0:19:07   1:10:46
Julio Godreau             0:11:18    0:40:16    0:24:14   1:17:10
Arnold Noorlander       0:13:53    0:39:51    0:25:21   1:21:24
Brice Gyurisko            0:17:38    0:42:03   0:21:09   1:22:29
Ericka Stephens          0:14:15    0:43:31   0:22:34   1:22:35
Andrea Rediske          0:15:09    0:45:58    0:24:46   1:28:03
Tracy  Bosch              0:16:50    0:45:32    0:34:46   1:37:08
Monica Hunt              0:20:48    0:55:26    0:28:42   1:46:46
James Diaz                0:23:22    0:51:24    0:31:39   1:51:18
Julee Waldrop                          bike trouble?

We are in the final stages of prepping for the Clermont Triathlon including the Lake Louisa Super Sprint this Thursday evening.  The links below, in the Team Races section, will take you to the websites for these races for more information and registration.  See you there!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wow! What an amazing weekend! For those of us who were visiting that course for the first time ... WOW! St Pete is beautiful. The venue was huge. There was a large expo that ran all weekend with lots of equipment and stuff to look at and try out.

The Meek & Mighty Kids race was on Saturday and our very own, Drake Bosch performed well sporting his new Blanchard Park Y Tri team uniform. It was a 200 yard pool swim (remember the snake warm-up that Coach Jacklynn has us do ... that was the race, it was cool!) followed by a 5.4 mile bike and then a 1 mile run.

All of our athletes and support crew met up for a nice italian dinner Saturday night at Gigi's. We took up 3 huge tables in the back of the restaurant and sat close enough to be able to talk with just about everyone there. Afterwards, we went outside for a team picture because with the staggered start times, we knew it would be very difficult to get everyone together at the same time.
Then (oh so early) Sunday morning we headed down to the race to finish setting up our transitions and get ready to start. Because of the massive number of people competing in this race, they closed transition at 6:45. The pros were starting at 6:50. But athletes from the Blanchard team started at a little after 7:00, then around 8:00, more around 8:20 and the last of us by 9:10. So our finish times were quite staggered as well but our amazing friends and family did a great job of supporting us and cheering us on through the whole thing. What an amazing experience. I can't wait until next year.

2011 results 
(for complete results click here)

2665 Barry Leathers 
404 Britney Alberson 
1539 Jacklynn Stroz 
1543 Renee Tercsak 
2282 Joshua Wilson 
2349 William Gonzalez 
1712 Kim Tranter 
3684 Rigo Davilla
1642 Amanda Leathers 
609 Brice Gyurisko 
599 Douglas Gerard 
1:05:15  2:58:35
1739 Tracy Bosch 
2642 Ron Irizarry 

341 Megan Montgomery  22:47 
1:15:06  3:31:55
402 Julia Warren 
1:24:52  3:32:25
3686 James Diaz 
1:14:17  4:10:35

315 Drake Bosch 

and just for the fun of it … 

71 Sara McLarty 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Congratulations to the many who swam and ran at Lucky's Lake on Saturday morning! To be able to get in a LONG run and a LONG swim and be finished by 9:00am is refreshing and admirable considering that most everyone has jobs, families, and other obligations.

A special shout out to Shyam, Julio, Drake, Greg, Megan, and Marie for swimming at Lucky's for the very first time. I'm glad we could be there to be a part of it. Over 20 of us were there to support and swim/run. What a dedicated team!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What a GREAT first race of the season.  Many first time racers, many personal records set in one if not all three of the sports and what a fabulous day of team commradery.

Sprint Triathlon results ...
Jacklynn Stroz 1:09:45 2nd Overall Female

Julee Waldrop 1:15:36 1st Age Group

Rigo Davila 1:19:26 2nd Age Group

Brice Gyurisko 1:23:52 4th Military

Julio Godreau 1:26:42 3rd Age Group

Tracy Bosch 1:27:58 1st Age Group

Ron Irizarry 1:37:11 10th Age Group

Melissa Swedberg 1:39:07 2nd Age Group

Michael Singleton 1:42:13 5th Age Group

Megan Montgomerry 1:46:25 3rd Athena

Monica Felix 1:50:56 3rd Age Group
My First Tri

Jim Diaz 1:38:07 2nd Age Group
Sprint Aquabike

Kate Sumrow 1:06:06 3rd Overall Female
Sprint Duathlon

Kim Tranter 1:24:04 1st Age Group

Shyam Pallavajjala Satya 1:26:58 1st Age Group

A big thanks to John, Arnold, Denise, Natalie, Drake and the spouses and kids who came to cheer us on. It's awesome that you are all there.

Also this weekend Jennifer Gerard (with her husband Doug) ran her first 10k at the Cooper River Bridge in 1:29:21
And Vilma Arroyo ran her first 1/2 Marathon in NY finishing in 2:23:17
Fabulous Job Team !!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First, I want to warn you that if you are looking for “oh, it was nice” or “anyone can do this”, you are not going to find stuff like that here. This was THE hardest thing I have ever done. I would definitely tell someone that if they don’t really want to run a marathon then they should not do it. You've got to really WANT to do it. With that being said, here are my memories ...

I trained with the BPY Runner’s Club over the whole season to prepare for this race and I think my preparation was adequate. The race was not any harder or any easier than I expected. We did some hill training in Clermont and I feel like that was acceptable training for the bridges across the Intercoastal Waterway.

About 2 days before the race I was packed and ready to go, only to realize that I had not put my music list together yet. It seemed like a really big deal at the time. ;) Mr Jones by Counting Crows is NOT a good song for a marathon playlist. Freeze Frame by J Geils Band is AN EXCELLENT song for a marathon.

Try harder to start out slow. I was warned (thanks Jessica) to pace myself, big time, at the start. I tried ... I honestly worked at it the whole first half of the race. I kept checking and found myself at a 10:00 to 10:15 min/mile. Even once I saw 9:58. This proved to be MUCH faster than my marathon pace the second half. I was seeing 10:30's which I thought were good but they quickly moved to 10:45's and by the 20th mile I could not go any faster than 11:30. Ouch! But my overall pace ended up just under 11:00. I finished 5 min before my goal finish. Yay!!

The music did not really matter much after about mile 17 because the pain was starting. I can't remember any songs from 17 to the finish. So I guess I could have put Mr Jones at the end of the playlist and it would have been fine.

When my body started to rebel and demand that I stop (around mile 20) ... I thought about how much easier it was to do what I was doing, than to go through some tough things that my friends and family have had to go through. It helped for several miles.

About ½ mile from the finish, a blister that had been forming for a very long time, in one step, ripped up my foot and along my big toe. I nearly fell over with pain. So I took 2 or three steps slowly on it and then with determination that I did not know was there, I decided that there was no way that I was going to walk the last ½ mile of my marathon ... and I started running again (If you can call the slow, limping excuse for running that I was doing a run).

The last mile of a marathon is the hardest mile you will ever run ... in your entire life! (Until you get really crazy and start running ultra-marathons and the like.)

Having a massage right at the end of the race is a really good idea. I actually got a protein shake immediately at the end of the race and drank a post-workout recovery drink within an hour and I have had a quicker recovery from this race than even any half marathon that I have run.

That's all for now. Thank you so much to Coach Jacklynn for training and supporting me in this journey. Thanks to all of my friends and teammates and family for all of your love and encouragement. And thanks to my husband Robert ... it meant SOOO much to me that you got up at 4:30am and went with me on this adventure.

It's over! 26.2 done!!! :D -- Tracy

Monday, February 7, 2011

What an awesome experience and a challenging course! The weather was a bit warm on Saturday for the 5K and 8K but perfect on Sunday for the half marathon/marathon folks. The bridges were LONG but we were ready for them. So much fun to see many BPY Tri/Running Club teammates out there running or supporting. Many great performances as well!

    5K (3.1 mi) Racers:
Shyam - 30:45 1st 5K! Awesome first race!
Lindsey - 35:17 Just came back after a bum knee. Way to run girl!
    8K (4.97 mi) Racers:
Vilma - 52:03 1st 8K! Great job!
Jennifer G - 1:08:18 1st 8K! So proud of you!
Kim - 41:49 Fantastic race pace!
    Half Marathon (13.1 mi) Racers:
Tatia - 2:07:42 Hadn't run more than 6 miles since Dec. Wow!
Megan - 2:33:18 PR! GREAT job Megan!
Diane - 2:17:14 Fabulous!
Denise - 2:48:04 Running for two and did fantastic!
Melissa - 2:26:55 PR! Hit her goal right on!
Drew - 2:02:19 1st half marathon!  Did AWESOME!!!
Jason - 2:05:01 1st half marathon!  Fantastic run!
Jade - 1:44:06 1st place AG! Amazing girl!
Christina - 1:44 FAST even though she was just pacing a friend!
Natalie - 2:30:38 2nd half marathon done despite knee pain!
Carmen - 1:58:40 Excellent 1st half marathon!
    Marathon (26.2 mi) Racers:
Erik - 3:46:59 AWESOME 1st marathon! Wow Erik!
Shirley - 3:53:02 BQ & 3rd place AG on a training run!
Britney - 4:02:48 Very impressive 1st marathon!
Renee - 4:09:32 Great 2nd marathon despite stomach issues at the start!
Josh - 4:32:07 Wonderful 1st marathon!
Yoly - 5:01:32 Fantastic 2nd marathon despite some knee issues!
Tracy - 4:40:48 Incredible, consistent paced 1st marathon!
Doug - 5:30:04 Strong to the end of his 1st marathon!
Liz - 5:44:30 Great 1st marathon despite a bum knee!
Coach Jacklynn - DNF :((( Ran 16 miles but had been sick the week before and side effects from medication were causing a dangerously high HR. Very proud of you, Coach, for listening to your body. We know you will nail the 26.2 distance soon and will be rooting for you!

Below are some race photos from Sunday's half marathon and full marathon. If anyone has any 5K/8K photos, email us and we'll be happy to add them.

Lastly, below are links to the official race results. If we've missed including you in our results above or there are any errors, please let us know!

Full marathon
Half marathon

Congrats to all who ran one of the events and a BIG thank you to all family members and friends who came out to cheer for us and take pictures. Stay tuned for a write-up by Tracy about her first marathon experience.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a gorgeous day last Saturday was and what a great turnout we had at both the Deerwood 5K and at our team kick off meeting, even with many team members having other obligations and unable to attend. This was the second annual Deerwood 5K benefiting nearby Deerwood Elementary School and we were pleased to see that the number of runners & walkers had increased from last year. Again, the course was out and back along the scenic J. Blanchard Park Trail, our favorite running training route.

Here are some photos from the race (apologies for a couple blurry photos):

Race results can be found here. Congrats to everyone who participated!


For those who were unable to attend our Tri Club Kick Off Meeting, here are links to the handouts.

BPY Tri Club Brochure
Kick Off Party Handout
BPY Tri Club Handbook
BPY Tri Club Registration Form

Note that existing members are asked to submit a new tri club registration form. We will be having MANY first timers joining our morning and evening crews so look for new faces and please introduce yourselves when we start our "official" triathlon practice next Monday, February 7th. We want to make sure everyone feels welcome.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out at the meeting, to MIX 1 for coming and supporting our team with free MIX 1 protein drinks and donating a case as a raffle giveaway, and to Cycle Spectrum for donating many great raffle prizes as well (2 bike computers, a couple of tire changing kits, CO2 Cartirdges, Insulated water bottles, and many more things). Fabulous surprises!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wow, it's been nearly a year since this club blog began!

Anyone remember what the very first blog post was about? Here's a little video to jog some memories:

Yes? No?

Well, if this didn't ringing any bells, it was about the inaugural Deerwood 5K race that was held right in our backyard on the J. Blanchard Park trail. The event went so well last year that it's being held again this year on Saturday, January 29th at 8am. The cost for BPY Tri club members who sign up by tomorrow, Thursday, 1/20, is only $15 (pick up the reg form from the Blanchard Park Y's front desk or download it here and submit it with your payment). Of course, you can still register for the race later and even on race day but the price will be higher. There's also a FREE fun run for kids 12 and under (register on race day).

Also on the same day is our Tri Club Kickoff Meeting at 1pm. Everyone is welcome (don't have to be Y members) and all current club members are strongly encouraged to attend. Coach Jacklynn will be discussing a lot of important things including changes to practice days/times, club races, team uniforms, and much, much more. Childcare will be provided as well as some great food too.

So, save the date: Saturday, January 29th,
8am - Deerwood 5K and 1pm - Tri Club Kickoff Meeting.

See you there!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last year we asked club members to send in photos of themselves in interesting places outside of Orlando with their BPY Tri uniform. The photos could be while racing in some event or otherwise. Why not wear the club uniform just because you love it :-) We'd hoped to get 20 but we got 14 which is pretty good considering that some of the places they were worn/shown were pretty cold! Here they are:

Thanks to all who participated. If you have a photo you'd like have added, email it as an attachment (bpytri @ or post it on our club Facebook page. Look forward to another great year of training and racing!

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