Monday, December 6, 2010

So many new personal records set and all personal goals met at our first official club race. What more could anyone ask for?

Half Marathon (13.1 mi)
Josh W - 7:49 pace, PR!
Britney A - 7:49 pace, 1st Half Marathon!
Brice- 8:17 pace, PR and 1st Half Marathon in 27 yrs!
Coach Jacklynn - 8:18 pace, Way to go, Coach!
John T - 8:28 pace, PR!
Barry L - 8:37 pace, PR!
Amanda L -8:59 pace, PR!
Yariela - 9:48 pace, PR!
Tracy - 9:50 pace, PR!
Ericka - 10:23 pace, 1st Half Marathon!
Heather S -10:29 pace, PR!
Natalie -11:01 pace, 1st Half Marathon!
Denise P - 11:38 pace, PR!
Ron -11:53 pace, 1st Half Marathon and just started training 3 wks ago!
Megan - 13:08 pace, PR and she collapsed at the end giving 110% effort!
Kim T - 8:45 pace, PR!

5K (3.1 mi)
Carter - 8:52 pace, Nice run!
Denise N - 9:40 pace, Great job!
Melissa - 9:52 pace, PR and 1st place AG!
Vilma - 10:05 pace, PR!
Debbie - 10:05 pace, PR!
Jennifer - 13:26 pace, PR!
Doug - 13:16 pace, Helped wife Jennifer PR!

Congratulations to all of you on your hard work. If there's anyone we have left out, please let us know in the comments. Thanks also to teammates Jaime and Renee and all the spouses and other family members who came out to cheer and support the runners. What a great day it was!


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