Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congratulations to Renee, Tracy & Andrea for being named ‘Triathletes of the Month’ for October!

It was so hard. I had to pick 3! These girls have accomplished several goals that they had for themselves this season so I felt that it was right to honor all three for our “Triathletes of the month.”

Renee - What an amazing season, Renee. You’ve P.R’d all over the place. You are one of those people that won’t EVER quit. You ALWAYS give 100% at every practice and on your own. It’s people like you that get us excited for this sport. Congratulations on your first ½ Ironman race in May this year. It was great to see you transform over the season and finish your second ½ Ironman in October with an amazing P.R. – over an hour she took off, folks! Renee …”Always a fighter! Never a quitter! Always 100%!”

Tracy - A big congratulations to you, Ms. Tracy! I found it very impressive the whole season that you could keep such a fast speed on that mountain bike of yours. We all were impressed. I’m so glad you could finish your season with a bang too! Your two first Olympic distance races right at the end of the season. Nice job. Thank you for your humor at our practices in which I thoroughly look forward to hearing each day. ;)

Andrea - Congratulations on a fantastic first Olympic distance race ending the season at a high in your triathlon career. I knew you would kick that distance’s hiney. You’re a motivator to all of us and are always stepping up to the plate to invite others to be a part of our group. Thank you for your energy and support!


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