Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congratulations to Renee, Tracy & Andrea for being named ‘Triathletes of the Month’ for October!

It was so hard. I had to pick 3! These girls have accomplished several goals that they had for themselves this season so I felt that it was right to honor all three for our “Triathletes of the month.”

Renee - What an amazing season, Renee. You’ve P.R’d all over the place. You are one of those people that won’t EVER quit. You ALWAYS give 100% at every practice and on your own. It’s people like you that get us excited for this sport. Congratulations on your first ½ Ironman race in May this year. It was great to see you transform over the season and finish your second ½ Ironman in October with an amazing P.R. – over an hour she took off, folks! Renee …”Always a fighter! Never a quitter! Always 100%!”

Tracy - A big congratulations to you, Ms. Tracy! I found it very impressive the whole season that you could keep such a fast speed on that mountain bike of yours. We all were impressed. I’m so glad you could finish your season with a bang too! Your two first Olympic distance races right at the end of the season. Nice job. Thank you for your humor at our practices in which I thoroughly look forward to hearing each day. ;)

Andrea - Congratulations on a fantastic first Olympic distance race ending the season at a high in your triathlon career. I knew you would kick that distance’s hiney. You’re a motivator to all of us and are always stepping up to the plate to invite others to be a part of our group. Thank you for your energy and support!

Monday, October 25, 2010

BIG congratulations to ALL who raced last weekend at the Moss Park Women's Tri on Saturday and Masters Championship Tri on Sunday. Outstanding performances by all!

Rachel-4th AG
Natalie R.- 4th AG
Ericka S.- 2nd AG
Heather S.- 4th AG
Lisa H.- 1st AG
Carmen- 3rd AG

Lindsey-3rd AG (First Tri!)
Kate-1st AG (First Tri!)
Vilma-7th AG (First Tri!)

Andrea-1st AG (First Olympic!)
Cyndy-2nd AG (First Olympic!)
Suzy- 1st AG (First Olympic!)
Sam- 6th AG (First Olympic!)
Melissa- 1st AG
Tracy-2nd Athena
Jacklynn-5th Overall

Here are some photos from the Women's Tri on Saturday:

If anyone has some from Sunday's race that they'd like to have added to the slideshow, email them bpytri @ Thank you to all who came out to race and support. Great way to end our 2010 tri season!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wow, can you believe it's already October?

Well, before we get too much further into it, check out the green box in the middle column to see who Coach Jacklynn picked to be Triathlete of the Month for September.

Also, congratulations to Coach Jacklynn, Josh and Diane who competed in the USAT Age Group Nationals Olympic Tri in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Sept. 25, and to Erik S. and Christina who competed in the USAT Age Group Nationals Sprint Tri on Sept. 26 at the same venue. This race has a tough course and an even tougher field of athletes. It was actually Diane's first-ever olympic distance tri and she won first place in her division!

Some of the BPY Tri athletes and support crew at AG Nationals. (Travel Photo #2!)

And lastly, our club is hosting another Kids Biathlon on Sunday, October 31, at 1pm. This year the event will be $9 per child from ages 4-12. The first 40 kids will get a really cool glow in the dark t-shirt! So spread the word to all your little tri kids and get them ready for some fun. If you can help as a volunteer, please let Coach Jacklynn know. The Kids Biathlon event flyer can be found here and the registration form can be found here. Help us build our future!

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