Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That was what was written on blue wristbands given to each athlete. Two words joined together that describe our beloved teammate Roy McConnell who raced for God, not himself. Who was tragically killed by a DUI driver on August 1, 2010, along with his three sons. For whom now a race is now named after so that he and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Blanchard Park Y Tri Club members came out in force to race, cheer and volunteer.

As well as many McConnells.

Jim McConnell, Roy's brother, saying a few words after the race.

It was a wonderful day filled with memories of Roy and his sons. And a fine day of racing for BPY Tri as well:

Tracy - 3rd Athena
Natalie - 4th Athena
Diane - 7th Athena
Renee - 1st F 30-34
Sebrina - 4th F 30-34
Elizabeth - 1st F 35-39
Yoly - 3rd F 35-39
Ericka - 3rd F 40-44
Lisa - 1st F 45-49
Melissa - 3rd F 55-59
Cameron – 1st Super Clyde 39 & Under
Will - 1st M 30-34
Barry L - 2nd M 35-39
Paul - 4th M 40-44
Mark - 2nd M 50-54
Brice - 7th M 50-54
Connie - 2nd F 55-59 in My First Tri!
Cyndy - 3rd F Overall in My First Tri!
Jason E - 1st M 30-34 in My First Tri!
TEAM Tri For Roy: Daniela, Juli, John 1- st ST Relay Coed
TEAM Roys Raiders: Emery, Allison, Beth 2- nd ST Relay Coed
Doug, 3rd M 45-49 in Duathlon

For full race results, click here. Below are a few more pictures from the wonderful Roy McConnell Mango Triathlon event:

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out!


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