Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why in the world would our team travel 3 hours to race a sprint tri in Jacksonville?

Because it's FUN to get away for a weekend with your tri club buddies!!!

And a BLAST to race together. We had over 30 folks again suited up and ready to tackle the 400 meter ocean swim, 10 mile bike course and 3 mile run (really, 3.1 according to those wearing Garmins).

Everyone who raced had "Racing 4 Roy" written on the back of their calfs and many had written our team motto, "Powered by God, Inspired by Roy," on their swim caps. We all lined up to show off our calfs and Dave the Bike Geek, thinking we were doing a Can-Can dance, snapped this marvelous photo of us below.

Sometimes the best shots just happen by chance ...

We also lucked out with cooler than expected weather on race day thanks to an overnight storm. It left a lot of water on the bike course when we showed up that morning to set up but much of it was gone by the time we rode. Woohoo! The nice cloud cover stayed during the run helping many to finish the race with PRs, including four who were doing their first-ever tri.

Below are some of the many photos taken at the race:

Congrats to everyone who raced. Additional photos can be found here on Facebook. Race results for the team can be found here. Thanks to Dave for the photos, to Mike for compiling the team's results and to everyone who came out to support us!


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