Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hooray! Another GREAT weekend of racing for Roy, this time at the Moss Park Fall Festival Tri. We had four people complete their first-ever tri:

Cameron - 2nd Super Clyde in the Olympic tri. TERRIFIC!!
Nathalia - 1st F15-19 in the regular sprint tri. OUTSTANDING!!
Denise - 1st F30-34 in the My First Tri sprint tri. FABULOUS!!
Natalie - 1st F35-39 in the My First Tri sprint tri. WONDERFUL!!

And impressive performances as well by several who did the olympic distance:

Britney - 1st F25-29 and her first oly tri!! (AG Nationals qualifier)
Evie - 4th F25-29 and her first oly tri!!
Ellen - 2nd F30-34 and her first oly tri!!
Tracy - 2nd Athena and her first oly tri!!
Melissa - 1st F55-59 and her first oly tri!! (AG Nationals qualifier)
John - 3rd M25-29!
Shirley - 1st F45-49! (AG Nationals qualifier)
Coach Jacklynn - 2nd Overall Woman!!!

Here are some pictures from both races (sprint tri first followed by the olympic tri):

Congrats to everyone who raced. Additional photos can be found on Facebook here for Saturday's sprint tris and here for Sunday's olympic tri.

Those who attended the race also heard that Buttar is officially renaming the upcoming September Mango Tri Festival as the Roy McConnell Mango Tri Festival. WOOHOO!! There will be special activities that weekend to remember our beloved teammate Roy. And best of all, this is NOT just a one time thing. The race will retain the name and be held in Roy's honor from here on out. So, get ready to race again next month for Roy!!!


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