Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Monday mid-morning. Another HOT day in the making with temps nearing 90. Most people are in air-conditioned quarters enjoying their second cup of coffee. Where is the BPY Tri Club morning crew?

They are off to the track to run 800's!

Was it tough? You betcha. But everyone knows that to get stronger, you have to push the envelope. And the best way to do so is with a group of supportive friends. If you are new to running on a track, here are a few tips and notes on track etiquette to make your experience more pleasant:

- Bring/wear lots of sunscreen. No shade at the track!
- Bring PLENTY of fluids, some to drink and some to pour on yourself to cool off. No water fountain either!
- Use an insulated water bottle or bring a mini cooler to help fluids stay colder.
- Bring a watch, Garmin or some device to keep track of your lap times.
- First try to be consistent with your repeats, then work on doing them faster.
- Use the recovery periods. Proper pacing and recovery are key to doing track workouts well.
- If you are a slower runner or recovering, avoid running on the inside track (Lane #1).
- If you are a faster runner coming up on someone going slower in Lane #1, yell "Track" to request that they move over.
- If you are done running a hard interval on Lane #1, peel off to the side. Do not slow down or stop while remaining in Lane #1 as someone may be right in back of you who is continuing.
- When you are recovering, cheer for others who are running hard. The favor will likely be returned.

Come on out and join us!


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