Sunday, June 27, 2010

Congratulations to Migi for being named ‘Triathlete of the Month’ for June!

I have mixed emotions as I announce this triathlete of the month. Let me start by saying how proud I am of Migi. She started with our team back in March after giving birth to her 6th child (a lil' girl after having 5 boys). When she started, she was scared and questioned me daily asking if I really thought she could do this. I had no doubt she could ... it was just up to her. She could make it about 100 yards of jogging but then had to walk a lot after and she felt discouraged. She stuck with the practices and improved not only in the run and but also tremendously in the pool. After having to take about 3 weeks off due to her whole family passing around flu symptoms to one another, Migi was back in action even though she lost a lot of her 'base training.' That didn't stop her from still wanting to complete her first triathlon, though. Migi completed her first triathlon in Clermont on June 12th with flying colors. Besides accomplishing that, she also completed the infamous Lucky's Lake Swim (1,000 meters) and had the honor of signing Lucky's famous wall. On a sad note this was her goal before moving away to another state just last weekend. I'm torn because I write this to say goodbye and thank you for allowing me to coach you Migi! I loved your effort and your determination. By the end of your season with us, you were encouraging new triathletes telling them they could do it too. Good luck on your new adventure. Don't stop "tri-ing!" We miss you!


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