Sunday, June 6, 2010

Congrats to the 29 teammates who swam at Lucky's Lake Swim yesterday! We had 10 people sign Lucky's Wall of Fame: Hilary, Beckie, Josh, Breezy, Migi, Kim, Rachael, Tabitha, Baley, and Connie. And for three of them, Migi, Kim, and Connie, it was their first open water swim ever. GREAT job!!!

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And did you know that Google Maps now supports bike routes?

Just tell it where you want to start and finish then click on the bicycle icon.

Note that the trip time estimate is based on an average speed which may vary depending on the cyclist (in this case 12.2mph). Melissa tried it recently to go from the Blanchard Park YMCA to Fort Christmas.

Here's her review:

The route was great. I took the Blanchard trail to Alafaya, short ride through the UCF Research Park, walked over the little metal connector bridge to the Bonneville neighborhood, short ride through that neighborhood, and suddenly I was out in the country! I was on Lake Pickett Road for 6.5 miles, then took Ft. Christmas Road 5 miles to Fort Christmas Historical Park. The traffic was very light on a weekend morning. It was peaceful and relaxing and very beautiful. The roundtrip for me was 38 miles, from the Blanchard Y I'd say probably 32 miles. It was so great to know I could get out of suburbia and into the country so easily! (I don't think I'd take the route on a weekday though, because I know Lake Pickett Road between Percival and SR 419 can have alot of commuter traffic.)

If a cyclist enjoys bike trails, the Google program shows where they all are.

Thanks Melissa for sharing this tool with us. Remember, one more day left to enter the race belt giveaway!


Anonymous said...

that is a nice route and we ride a modified version every Saturday morning, 7:30 AM. We have an A and B group leaving Avalon Park Y wheels rolling on time most of the time. If you want interval training get out and pull with the A group at 24-29 mph (just stay off the bars), then hang on because the rider behind you will probably try to drop you. The B group is a steady 19-21 mph for 30-50 miles your choice. Come on out and get some miles with little to no traffic and few stops.

ShirleyPerly said...

Test to see why comment above not appearing in the comment count.

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