Saturday, June 19, 2010

How well do you know your fellow teammates?

If you can name the most people in our latest group photo, you could win a $25 Panera Bread giftcard.

Click photo to view a printable PDF version.

To play the Name Game, submit an email to with first names corresponding to the numbers shown in the above photo. Answers may be in list format or you may write names in the blanks on the PDF version, scan it and email it as an attachment. You may also work together but please DO NOT ask Coach Jacklynn for help with this. As a hint, 29 of the 31 people in the photo are listed in the Clermont Sprint Tri race results below. Two people in the photo did not race and two people who did race are not in the photo.

Erik S. - 1:04:26, 2nd M25-29
Erik H. - 1:07:11, 8th M25-29
Josh - 1:14:09, 13th M25-29
John - 1:17:42, 18th M25-29
Will - 1:08:00, 8th M30-34
Barry L. - 1:09:08, 7th M35-39
Kurt - 1:24:40, 25th M40-44
Paul - 1:26:54, 30th M40-44
Doug - 1:34:20, 15th M45-49 1st Tri!
Roy ~1:15, M50-54 (no official time recorded)
Barry O. - 1:46:23, 5th Fat Tire M 1st Tri!

Julie - 1:28:13, 4th F20-24
Kerrie - 1:37:27, 5th F20-24
Brittany (Breezy) - 1:37:43, 6th F20-24 1st Tri!
Baley - 1:38:05, 7th F20-24
Jacklynn - 1:06:30, 1st F30-34
Renee - 1:17:05, 3rd F30-34
Tabitha - 1:17:56, 4th F30-34
Kim - 1:21:35, 8th F30-34
Rachel - 1:33:47, 15th F30-34 1st Tri!
Amanda - 1:19:01, 5th F35-39
Andrea - 1:28:16, 12th F35-39
Beckie - 1:38:34, 16th F35-39
Ericka - 1:24:02, 10th F40-44
Tracy - 1:28:23, 13th F40-44
Heather - 1:30:34, 14th F40-44 1st Tri!
Hillary - 1:35:48, 19th F40-44
Liz - 1:24:59, 1st Fat Tire F 1st Tri!
Diane - 1:39:40, 2nd Nov F 1st Tri!
Kayleigh - 2:03:36, 4th Nov F 1st Tri!
Migi - 2:03:40, 5th Nov F 1st Tri!

Answers will be accepted until midnight eastern Friday, July 16th to allow everyone plenty of time to attend workouts and figure out people's names. Minor spelling errors will not count against you. In case of a tie, the winner will be chosen at random from among those who named the most people correctly. Good luck and have fun getting to know each other!


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Note: Please DO NOT post answers here. Email them to Thanks!

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