Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Check out the green box in the center column to see who Coach Jacklynn has picked as the new Triathlete of the Month!

Also, you asked for it, now you've got it.
We've created a new Blanchard Park Tri Club Facebook Page so teammates can connect with each other outside of emails. Clicking the Facebook icon to the right will take you to our community page. Anyone may view the page but only Facebook users who click the "Like" button will be able to post on the wall. Use this page to talk about meeting up for unofficial club workouts, socials, seminars, to share info about training routes, training/racing tips, good deals on tri gear, whatever you think your fellow teammates might be interested in.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Congratulations to Migi for being named ‘Triathlete of the Month’ for June!

I have mixed emotions as I announce this triathlete of the month. Let me start by saying how proud I am of Migi. She started with our team back in March after giving birth to her 6th child (a lil' girl after having 5 boys). When she started, she was scared and questioned me daily asking if I really thought she could do this. I had no doubt she could ... it was just up to her. She could make it about 100 yards of jogging but then had to walk a lot after and she felt discouraged. She stuck with the practices and improved not only in the run and but also tremendously in the pool. After having to take about 3 weeks off due to her whole family passing around flu symptoms to one another, Migi was back in action even though she lost a lot of her 'base training.' That didn't stop her from still wanting to complete her first triathlon, though. Migi completed her first triathlon in Clermont on June 12th with flying colors. Besides accomplishing that, she also completed the infamous Lucky's Lake Swim (1,000 meters) and had the honor of signing Lucky's famous wall. On a sad note this was her goal before moving away to another state just last weekend. I'm torn because I write this to say goodbye and thank you for allowing me to coach you Migi! I loved your effort and your determination. By the end of your season with us, you were encouraging new triathletes telling them they could do it too. Good luck on your new adventure. Don't stop "tri-ing!" We miss you!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Need a new bike, a bike tune-up, some bike parts or accessories?

If so, Cycle Spectrum (407-482-9111), located in the Waterford Lakes Town Center across from Super Target, is offering special deals for Blanchard Park Y Tri Club members.

They have some of the lowest prices around for new bikes and provide free lifetime bike service for all new bikes purchased from them.

In addition, as a club sponsor, they are offering BPY club members free basic bike tune-ups on all bikes and 10% off parts & accessories. For the tune-ups, you will typically have to leave your bike overnight. The best times to request tune-ups are Tues-Fri when they are less busy so if you have an important race coming up and need work done on your bike, they recommend you bring your bike in at least a week in advance to allow ample time for the work to be done and a test ride.

Please thank our sponsors by supporting them!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

How well do you know your fellow teammates?

If you can name the most people in our latest group photo, you could win a $25 Panera Bread giftcard.

Click photo to view a printable PDF version.

To play the Name Game, submit an email to with first names corresponding to the numbers shown in the above photo. Answers may be in list format or you may write names in the blanks on the PDF version, scan it and email it as an attachment. You may also work together but please DO NOT ask Coach Jacklynn for help with this. As a hint, 29 of the 31 people in the photo are listed in the Clermont Sprint Tri race results below. Two people in the photo did not race and two people who did race are not in the photo.

Erik S. - 1:04:26, 2nd M25-29
Erik H. - 1:07:11, 8th M25-29
Josh - 1:14:09, 13th M25-29
John - 1:17:42, 18th M25-29
Will - 1:08:00, 8th M30-34
Barry L. - 1:09:08, 7th M35-39
Kurt - 1:24:40, 25th M40-44
Paul - 1:26:54, 30th M40-44
Doug - 1:34:20, 15th M45-49 1st Tri!
Roy ~1:15, M50-54 (no official time recorded)
Barry O. - 1:46:23, 5th Fat Tire M 1st Tri!

Julie - 1:28:13, 4th F20-24
Kerrie - 1:37:27, 5th F20-24
Brittany (Breezy) - 1:37:43, 6th F20-24 1st Tri!
Baley - 1:38:05, 7th F20-24
Jacklynn - 1:06:30, 1st F30-34
Renee - 1:17:05, 3rd F30-34
Tabitha - 1:17:56, 4th F30-34
Kim - 1:21:35, 8th F30-34
Rachel - 1:33:47, 15th F30-34 1st Tri!
Amanda - 1:19:01, 5th F35-39
Andrea - 1:28:16, 12th F35-39
Beckie - 1:38:34, 16th F35-39
Ericka - 1:24:02, 10th F40-44
Tracy - 1:28:23, 13th F40-44
Heather - 1:30:34, 14th F40-44 1st Tri!
Hillary - 1:35:48, 19th F40-44
Liz - 1:24:59, 1st Fat Tire F 1st Tri!
Diane - 1:39:40, 2nd Nov F 1st Tri!
Kayleigh - 2:03:36, 4th Nov F 1st Tri!
Migi - 2:03:40, 5th Nov F 1st Tri!

Answers will be accepted until midnight eastern Friday, July 16th to allow everyone plenty of time to attend workouts and figure out people's names. Minor spelling errors will not count against you. In case of a tie, the winner will be chosen at random from among those who named the most people correctly. Good luck and have fun getting to know each other!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What better way to show off our AWESOME new team uniforms than at a race???

And what a statement we made. Over 30 Blanchard Park Y Tri Club members raced the Clermont Sprint Tri #1 last Saturday in HOT conditions and on a HILLY course, something many were not ready for since the bike map had been posted only days before the race.

But did that stop folks from smiling and having fun? I don't think so!

Everyone was digging deep and giving it their all. Everyone was cheering for each other. And everyone finished strong. WOOHOOO!!!

HUGE congrats to all those who raced, especially those doing their first-ever tri: Liz, Migi, Kayleigh, Doug, Rachael, Barry O., Diane, Heather and Breezy. (If we missed listing you, please let us know in the comments!)

Below is a group photo and a slideshow with some of the MANY photos fellow club member Denise and I got at the event.

Group photo before the race (click to enlarge).

I think we got at least one photo of everyone in the club who raced. To view all of the photos, click here. If you'd like a higher resolution photo for printing, email the club (address in the yellow box at the top of the third column). Most of the photos have been rescaled for faster online display.

Added: Official race photos can be found here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes, you heard that right. There were actually TWO race belts up for grabs!

Thank you to all who entered the contest. Always fun to get to know each other a little better.

The lucky winners this time are: EVIE & ANDREA!!!

Ladies, you can pick up your belt from Coach Jacklynn starting on Wednesday, 6/9. Congratulations!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Congrats to the 29 teammates who swam at Lucky's Lake Swim yesterday! We had 10 people sign Lucky's Wall of Fame: Hilary, Beckie, Josh, Breezy, Migi, Kim, Rachael, Tabitha, Baley, and Connie. And for three of them, Migi, Kim, and Connie, it was their first open water swim ever. GREAT job!!!

Click to enlarge.

And did you know that Google Maps now supports bike routes?

Just tell it where you want to start and finish then click on the bicycle icon.

Note that the trip time estimate is based on an average speed which may vary depending on the cyclist (in this case 12.2mph). Melissa tried it recently to go from the Blanchard Park YMCA to Fort Christmas.

Here's her review:

The route was great. I took the Blanchard trail to Alafaya, short ride through the UCF Research Park, walked over the little metal connector bridge to the Bonneville neighborhood, short ride through that neighborhood, and suddenly I was out in the country! I was on Lake Pickett Road for 6.5 miles, then took Ft. Christmas Road 5 miles to Fort Christmas Historical Park. The traffic was very light on a weekend morning. It was peaceful and relaxing and very beautiful. The roundtrip for me was 38 miles, from the Blanchard Y I'd say probably 32 miles. It was so great to know I could get out of suburbia and into the country so easily! (I don't think I'd take the route on a weekday though, because I know Lake Pickett Road between Percival and SR 419 can have alot of commuter traffic.)

If a cyclist enjoys bike trails, the Google program shows where they all are.

Thanks Melissa for sharing this tool with us. Remember, one more day left to enter the race belt giveaway!

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