Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congratulations to Will for being named ‘Triathlete of the Month’ for May!

Will has shown GREAT improvement these last couple of months. He's driven, dedicated, and always working his tail off. I'm very proud of his "I don't give up" attitude. What's impressive is when he's away on business. He asks me for the weekly workouts and sends me the details of how he did for his practices. I see the desire he has to be the best he can be and I'm very honored to hear him call me "Coach!" Will competed last weekend in his first every triathlon at Baldwin Park. He placed 2nd in the 'Novice division' and would have placed 3rd in his age group had he raced in that category. Thank you Will for being on our team and for encouraging others. You inspire all of us....and you're that guy that makes us all laugh! You deserve this honor! Go get 'em!!!

Coach Jacklynn


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