Thursday, May 27, 2010

1. It's that time of the month again, time to name the new Triathlete of the Month. Is it you? Check out the bright green box in the center column to find out who it is!

2. For those who like knowing their swim, bike and run paces but don't like computing them from race results that don't show them (i.e, Buttar), here are some useful Triathlon Calculators to help with that.

3. A Louis Garneau Race Belt giveaway!

If you want it, just tell us in the comments what your main goal is this year in training for triathlons. It can be a specific race, a fitness goal, a time or competitive goal, whatever it is that is driving you. The winner will be drawn at random and must be a member of the Blanchard Park Y Tri Club. Comments will be accepted until Monday, 6/7, midnight eastern*. Previous giveaway winners may play again and even if you already have a race belt, why not play and give it to a friend if you win?

Good luck and hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday weekend. More giveaways at the Luau Party Saturday night!!

*Date extended to allow out those who go out of town over Memorial Day weekend to play.


Evie said...

My main goal for training in triathlons this year is to prepare for the Half-Iron in Disney next year :) I've always wanted to do an Iron-Man (plus be able to get the cool Iron-Man gear) and I think I'll be ready by this coming year. I think everytime you accomplish a triathlon you feel a little bit stronger and a little more proud to be able to do something like that.

ShirleyPerly said...

Since I'm hosting this giveaway my comment won't count but seeing all ya'll training for sprint & oly tris has made this long course specialist want to try some short course stuff for a change. Starting this summer I'll be training for a PR at the Health First Olympic Tri in Melbourne early October. Hopefully I still have some fast twitch muscles left!

John Trapp said...

To beat Will or Erik at anything.

Andrea said...

My goal this year is to complete (in good time) an Olympic triathlon. I've been working hard for the past 3 years at getting into better shape and I've completed 8 sprints. It's time to move up!

Anonymous said...

Describing my main goal in triathlons is difficult to narrow down to 1 thing. My long term over all goal in triathlon training is to keep my self fit. (I have 5 kids I need to out run.)
This year specifically, I am getting back in shape after the birth of RJ and prepping myself for a couple of longer distance races. I plan on "tri-ing" an olympic length this year because I want to do a half IM in the future and I am thinking that my 1 shot at a marathon will have to be in 2011 or 2012 so I am looking forward to some serious training this year.
Tracy Bosch

Anonymous said...

My goal for this season was to sign up for a race...and I completed that goal! :)
My first TRI ever will be the Clermont TRI, and my goal for that is to NOT freak out during the swim and to be able to run all 3 miles without having to talk a walk break. After this TRI I would really like to do atleast two more TRIs before the season is over. But we'll see how this one goes :)

~Kayleigh Bledsoe

Cyndy said...

My goal in training with the Tri Club is to actually attempt and finish my first Triathlon ever!! I'll start with a mini, then work my way up.

Cyndy Stephenson

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