Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Congratulations to the 8 BPY Tri Club members who participated in St. Anthony's Olympic Tri on Sunday, 4/26. They faced tough conditions on race day with a rough 1.5K swim, a windy 40K bike course and a hot 10K run. Here's how the team fared:

Barry - 2:38:16 (95/286 M35-59, 1st Oly)
Coach Jacklynn - 2:40:04 (19/132 F30-34, USAT AG Natl qualifier)
Josh - 2:55:32 (67/110 M25-29, 1st Oly)
John - 3:13:04 (84/110 M25-29, 1st Oly)
Chris - 3:15:56 (196/218 M30-34, 1st Oly)
Julie - 3:27:56 (575/746 F20-24, 1st Oly)
Beth - 3:58:59* (7/7 F65-69)*
Roy - DNF due to bike crash (M50-54)*
*Shortened swim course of 1000m

And here are some photos from the race weekend.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support and to Julie and Will for sharing photos. More photos can be found here!


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