Monday, May 3, 2010

It's time to celebrate summer 'Tri Team.'
So get ready to embrace the sun.
There won't be any hill workouts guys.
Just good ol' fashion fun!

Wear your fun Hawaiian style shirt or dress.
We're going to have a ball.
No! There won't be any swimming laps this time around.
Just fun music and good food for all.

Let's enjoy a relaxing night
And spending time with one another.
I promise, leaving your bikes behind at home
Won't be a penalty or a bother.

Spouses are welcome!
Significant others too!
But leave the kids behind this time because
We want them to have fun at their own "zoo."

Saturday, May 29, 6pm. Save the date!!!

(If you didn't get the Evite, please email the tri club - see top of the right column)


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