Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another WONDERFUL weekend workout!

Today around 16 BPY tri club members showed up at Lucky's Lake. For many it was their first time swimming at Lucky's. For some their first time swimming in open water EVER!

Group photo before the swim minus a couple folks. (click to enlarge)

Coach Jacklynn paired people up so no one swam alone unless they were comfortable doing so. Anything goes at these swims. You can do any stroke, you can swim as far as you want and bring anything you want (pull buoy, fins, noodles, etc). Safety and fun first!

There were nearly 200 swimmers total and water conditions were ideal. For those who have concerns about gators, Lucky has placed a couple fake ones right at the water's edge ;-)

Here are some photos:

Great job to everyone who swam today and congrats to all those who completed their first Lucky's Lake crossing (over and back = 1000m) and signed the "Wall of Fame"!!!


John Trapp said...

I enjoy reading about these experience and seeing the group photos. Keep up the great work!

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