Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who doesn't like to get free stuff???

Well, we've got some Hammer Nutrition products to give away (click to enlarge):

2 Strawberry Recoverite single serving drink packets,
2 Endurolyte electrolyte capsule packets (4 caps/pack),
5 Hammer energy gels (2 vanilla, 1 espresso, 2 raspberry).

In order to have a chance to win, just tell us in the comments below what you love most about triathlons and/or the Blanchard Park Y Tri Club. Comments will be accepted until Monday, 5/17/10, midnight eastern. One entry per person, please, and you must be a member of the BPY Tri Club to be eligible to win.

The winner will be drawn at random next week!!

PS - Check out our Classified section (far right column) for how to get free race entries and some good deals on new & used tri stuff.


ShirleyPerly said...

This comment won't count as an entry since I am one of the folks hosting the giveaway but just wanted to say that the people in the BPY tri club are making my 5th year in tris the most fun so far!!

Jacklynn said...

I won't be in the giveaway either but i'd like to comment too. I love this sport! I love encouraging you all! I love seeing you reach your personal goals! I love everthing about this group! Thank you for making it very EASY for me to love my job!
Coach Jacklynn

Andrea said...

The thing I love most about the Blanchard Park Y tri club is the sense of community. No matter what level you compete at, everyone is positive and supportive. I have never felt a sense of elitism coming from anyone -- everyone works hard and encourages everyone else. This weekend I was absolutely dreading the Lucky's lake swim. I've always panicked in the water, and although I knew I needed to swim, there was no way I wanted to. Seeing everyone's faces there at the lake and knowing my team was going to be there with me helped me to get through it, and I had one of the best open water swims I've ever had. I know that one of the major reasons I've seen improvement has been the support and encouragement of my team mates. You guys are the best!

Cyndy said...

What I love about the Blanchard Y Tri Club is the general acceptance and support I recieve from EVERYONE. I've never considered myself the athletic type, but I find myself loving finding new ways to challenge myself and make new friends at the same time. I also love that I can look forward to an ultimate goal outside of myself.... Instead of exercising so I'll look good or feel good, I'm training for a future race. It's so motivating!!!!

Melissa said...

The support everyone gives each other in the Blanchard Y Tri Club is someting really special. No matter what level an athlete is at, everyone cheers each other on and recognizes and respects each other's commitment and hard work. As for the Tri sport - what a rush! I'm hooked. I love continuing to bust through my obstacles - mental and physical.

Anonymous said...

The camaraderie, and getting in better shape.

Scott T.

Tracy Bosch said...

Triathlons are an awesome way to get in shape without the monotony of a single sport. Triathlons also help you develop an understanding that you can really do absolutely anything that you set your mind to.

The Blanchard Park Y Tri Club is an awesome environment to train for triathlons or just workout to stay in shape. Everyone helps and encourages each other. They all share stories and experiences for the benefit of each other. We can workout at our own level with the perfect amount of outside encouragement to continue and improve. It's a great group of people to "run" with.
- Tracy Bosch

WayneG said...

Triathlon training and the Blanchard Park Y Tri Club takes me out of my comfort zone, makes me test myself in ways that past training has overlooked and makes me even more committed to reaching and exceeding my goals.

As a person who the medical profession would call disabled, I truly enjoy doing things that those doctors would never dream of doing themselves, let alone imagine I would be able to accomplish.

That, along with the changes in my body, ability and confidence, is what I love about this club and triathlons. I love this sport as I loved running in the past and bicycling later in my life. Hopefully I will soon love the swimming as much as those two sports, but right now it is just another challenge, one on a long list that I intend to overcome as a member of this great club!

Amanda said...

The encouraging people, the motivating coach and the kick-hiney workouts that whip my butt into shape...all of these things make me LOVE the tri-club! :)


DaveP said...

That it gives Shirley a chance to get rid of some stuff.

Yeah, I'm going to hear about this one. ;-)

Diane Machado said...

Where do I begin? Many months ago, John Trapp asked if I wanted to go for a short run after a class because according to the training 5K training plan we needed a short run that day. At that time, I barely knew him. I stepped out of my comfort zone and said sure. I knew my speed (or lack there of) would hold him back...but off I went. He ran right next to me the entire 3 miles until I said, "Go for it" and told him to sprint the last 400 back to the Y. I knew I had found the right group for me that day. One whose members support and encourage each other no matter how old, how young, how fast, or how slow. This type of support was repeated last week at Lucky's. I was the last member to make it back and there was the entire team cheering me on from the dock! I hope that I can pay it forward by encouraging others to be the best they can be!

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