Friday, April 9, 2010

Update: The poll has been removed because Coach Jacklynn has decided it's best to get a single uniform design for now. We're going with the Gator Skin sides.

With close to 40 people interested in getting our tri club uniforms, we ***might*** be able to get TWO (2) different side panel designs, one with Gator Skin sides and one with Palm Frond sides (another cool design that was considered). Below are the two designs side by side for comparison (click to enlarge):

If you are one of the folks interested in buying a team uniform, please vote in our poll above ASAP to let us know which design you would get if both were available. Our first choice is the Gator Skin sides so that's the one we are getting FOR SURE and hopefully by the June 12 Clermont sprint tri. The Palm Fronds sides is a *maybe* if we have enough interest (need at least 10 folks) and may take bit longer. Please vote right now so we can know hopefully by Monday (4/12) whether we should ask the supplier for the second design. Again, the cost for each tri top & shorts set should be less than $100 thanks to our team sponsors.

Thank you!!!


ShirleyPerly said...

PS - Once we have met the minimum order of 10 pieces of the same item (say, shorts), we are supposed to be able to order any other item with the same design too. My husband, for example, is interested in ordering a short sleeved bike jersey. Even if he's not officially in the club, he's a big supporter and wants to be part of the team when coming out to support :-)

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