Sunday, April 4, 2010

Got sore muscles?

Welcome to the club :-)

Andrea has kindly shared some of her tips on how to treat them. Firstly, a nice video demonstrating how to use a foam roller to release connective tissue tension in the IT band, quadriceps, inner thighs, gluteus, and middle back:

A foam roller can also be used on calfs, hamstrings, lats, wherever body weight can be applied to work out tight spots. They are available at various stores including Target, Sports Authority and Track Shack. Andrea has also found them online at Foamerica for MUCH less (note that shipping is additional).

And secondly, for those seeking/needing professional help with sore muscles, she recommends Hilary Hales, a good friend of hers and a licensed massage therapist with her own table who can come to you if needed. Hilary can be reached at khtcbnhales @ or by phone at 931.217.8309.

Keep your muscles happy and they'll keep you training!


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