Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here's an update on club uniforms from Pastor Paul:

Congratulations to many of you starting the tri-season. Now it is time to add your team gear. Above is the artwork for the Y tri club shirt and shorts. They will be ordered from Champion and you can check out the tri tops and bottoms by CLICKING HERE (see Tri & Running Templates, fifth group listed down near the bottom).

The total for each set should be under a hundred dollars. We will be ordering the Short T-Panel Bottoms and likely the Sleeveless Jersey or the Tri-Top (you can look at the Short Sleeve Jersey as well). We need to order at least 10 of the same item (say, bottoms) and then can order other items in whatever quantity. We can get sizes to try on ahead of time as long as we pay half the bill at the front end. I can pay my full amount. Any other takers?

Added: We are working to get a uniform template so you can see what the complete design will look like on some shorts and a top.


ShirleyPerly said...

I can do so as well.

Can we get a better idea of what the actual club uniforms will look like, say, the tri top & shorts templates filled in with the colors they will be and the logo on it?

Diane said...

Me, too! I love uniforms and team stuff!!! Now I can really accessorize!!!!

Beth said...

I can pay in advance, too.

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