Monday, March 8, 2010

This weekend is Wildman, our first club race!

And here's something to motivate you for swim practice this week ;-)

You can thank Coach Jacklynn for that little gem. She will also be covering Transitions, the so-called "fourth sport" in triathlon, at two practices this week:

Tuesday, 3/9, 5pm, Run & Transitions (evening crew)
Friday, 3/12, 9:30am, Swim & Transitions (morning crew)

We'll be making things as close as possible to what you'd do during your race without all the extras so everyone who is new to tris, whether or not you are racing this weekend, please attend at least one of these practices. Experienced triathletes who want to tweak/improve their transition times are encouraged to come too. Bring the following in order to practice your transitions:

What you'll be wearing on the swim/run/bike segments and your wetsuit too if you can.

Swim goggles, swim cap, towel.

Bike, bike shoes (if different than running shoes), helmet, sunglasses, socks, running shoes, hydration belt if you wear one, Garmin, etc.

For those who are doing Wildman this weekend, Buttar is putting on a free 'webinar' live at 8:00pm Thursday night (3/11) Wednesday night (3/10). They will go over race specifics of the course and then you can chime in LIVE via computer chat to ask questions. There will probably be a lot of questions about the lake temperature, etc. Don't miss it if you're doing the event. Update: CLICK HERE to register for the webinar and you will be sent an invitation with a link so you can participate.

Here is a Race Check List that will help you remember the things you need to bring to your triathlon. Feel free to customize it. Folks racing should also review the Most Commonly Violated Rules of Triathlon. Note especially the ones that could result in disqualification!

If anyone has additional triathlon tips to share, please leave a comment.


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