Thursday, March 11, 2010

By request, our blog now has a Classified Ads section!

It's in the far right column under the Contact Us form. Local or online store specials will be listed there as well as items club members are looking for or interested in selling/giving away. To place your ad, just email Shirley or use the Contact Us form above the ads section. If you want to include a photo, we can include a link to view the photo in the ad. If you want to respond to an ad and don't know the person's email address, use the Contact Us form and we'll let them know (emails are not posted on the blog to prevent spam). Please let us know as soon as possible if you are no longer looking for an item or the item has been sold so we can keep the ads section up to date.

So while doing your Spring cleaning, see if you've got any extra bikes, bike pumps, wetsuits and other tri equipment you no longer need. We've got a number of folks who are new to the sport and could probably make good use of them. If you don't need money from selling items, consider donating the funds to the Blanchard Park Y Scholarship Fund and helping others who are less fortunate.


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