Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a mile south from Blanchard Park is Lake Downey (in Downey Park) where there is a small roped off swimming area. It's ideal for folks who've never swam in open water before as you'll never be far from shore and the water is shallow. You can swim laps back and forth (40-50 yds across), practice sighting (there is NO line on the bottom!), get a feel for swimming in a wetsuit and, if you're lucky, maybe see some fish or turtles. Here are a couple photos I took today (click on images to enlarge).

In the winter, there is NO lifeguard on duty. Swimming is allowed but only in the roped off area (I checked). There are restrooms and cold water showers nearby. To get there from the Dean entrance of Blanchard Park, keep heading south on Dean through Colonial (SR 50). Turn left at the first signal onto Flowers Ave. Make another left into the park entrance and follow the park road until you reach a large parking lot to your right. Turn into the parking lot and the swimming area will be straight ahead. Below is a satellite map of Downey Park.

A couple of us are planning to swim there this Saturday, March 6, in lieu of going to Lucky's Lake. If anyone else would like to join us or just watch, meet us at the Blanchard Park Y lobby area at 11am or down at Lake Downey around 11am.


Coach Jacklynn said...

You're the best! Thanks for taking the time to write this up. And for being there!

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