Friday, March 12, 2010

Tomorrow is Wildman, our first club race of the season and the first-ever tri for a couple club members!!

For those who missed the Wildman race webinar on Wednesday, CLICK HERE to view the recorded presentation. It does not include open session questions asked at the end but will give you a good overview of what to expect at the race.

And for those of you who missed the Transition practices this week, here is a photo of Coach Jacklynn's sprint tri transition setup (click to enlarge):

Note the use of a bright towel to help her find it easier and the minimal amount of stuff on it. She leaves some room on her towel to wipe her feet coming in from the swim (Transition 1, aka T1), puts on her bike helmet and sunglasses which are on her bike and then starts rolling her bike out. Her bike shoes are already attached to her pedals so she puts them on as she's riding. Those who would rather put their bike shoes on before leaving T1 will have their shoes on the towel.

Coming in from the bike (Transition 2, aka T2), Coach Jacklynn leaves her shoes on her pedals and dismounts while the bike is still rolling. Some will come to a full stop at the bike dismount point and run into the transition area with their bike shoes still on. She racks her bike then takes her helmet off, puts on her socks and running shoes and then starts heading out while putting on her hat, race belt, Garmin, etc. If your bike shoes are the same as your running shoes, all you'll need to do is rack your bike, grab what you need for your run and go.

For grins, here's a photo of what your transition setup should NOT look like (click to enlarge):

Although it is OK to have your bike helmet and bike shoes on your towel, there is WAY too much unnecessary stuff here, especially for a sprint tri. Less is best. For those seeking competitive sprint tri race times, an extra 10-20 seconds in transitions can often make a big difference in your race rankings. Practice!

Some things that may happen during a race that are not illegal but not recommended:

Wearing a bike helmet backwards (oops, unsafe).
From Art Cyclery blog.

Wearing a bike helmet during the run (forgot to take it off in T2).
From Triathlon Maniac blog.

And unfortunately I couldn't find a photo but have heard of some guys wearing a wetsuit during the entire race to save time taking it off in T1. This might be OK for a really cold short race but could cause major overheating especially on the run. Not a good idea in general if you're racing in Florida.

Good luck to everyone doing Wildman tomorrow!!!


Jacklynn said...

These pics were hysterical!

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