Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We are proud to announce that Track Shack is our official running store sponsor!

Betsy & Jon Hughes, the owners of Track Shack, have generously donated to help with the costs of our team uniforms and to support our tri club. Named one of the 50 best running stores in America, Track Shack is a store for runners by runners on a mission:

"Our goal is to serve our customers by properly fitting each customer with the best product for their individual need. Our leadership team has a combined tenure of 81 years at Track Shack and our staff have backgrounds including Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy. Each footwear specialist's knowledge and expertise continues to be unsurpassed in Central Florida. Beyond knowing our customer, product knowledge at Track Shack is most important; not only knowledge of shoes, but of apparel, training, nutrition, technology and related fitness products on the market today. Track Shack invites you to spend some time with us to ensure that your specific running and walking needs are met. We hope that each customer will feel encouraged and they'll be inspired to achieve their personal fitness goals."

Here's a little peak inside the store:

Jon Hughes in front of the great shoe wall.

A small subset of the fashionable and breathable clothing in stock.

Lots of nutrition products to keep you going strong.

Socks, compression sleeves and so much more.

So if you're looking for new running shoes or a running product, need some advice on running or a running-related injury, want information on upcoming running races, Track Shack is the place to go.

Track Shack is located at 1104 N. Mills Ave, Orlando, FL, 407-898-1313. Store Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm, Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun: Closed.

Please thank our sponsors by supporting them!

Monday, March 29, 2010

More photos with captions can be found on Daniela's Facebook page. Thanks to Daniela and Dave (Shirley's husband) for capturing the action during the race.

To find out how Shirley sprained her ankle, you can read about her race on her blog. Lesson learned: Beware of paper cups!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Congratulations to Ericka for being named ‘Triathlete of the Month’ for March!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen tremendous growth in your performance. More than that, I’ve seen your confidence build. Your dedication and hard work at practices makes you a champion. I’m extremely proud of you for completing your first triathlon at Moss Park and super impressed you placed 2nd in your age group in your division for ‘My First Tri.’ Keep up the good work and congratulations again!

Check out the bright green box in the center column under Coach Jacklynn's Corner!

Each month Coach Jacklynn will be highlighting someone in the club for his/her outstanding hard work, achievements and/or contributions. A great way to get to know fellow club members and a little more about them.

The first Triathlete of the Month is (drumroll) ......... Ericka!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Four BPY Tri Club members competed in the Gator Half Iron triathlon today. We had wind, rain, more wind, more rain and at times were racing in squall-like conditions!

But most would take that over blazing heat & humidity any day. Everyone finished well. Here are the race results:

2nd place M30-34 Chris 6:10:13 (FIRST half iron!)
6th place M40-44 Pastor Paul 5:36:29 (a PR!)
2nd place F30-34 Coach Jacklynn 5:18:43 (FIRST half iron!)
Female Masters Shirley 5:12:22 (a PR!)

What a fun day!!

More photos & race thoughts to come. Kudos to Daniela, John, Julie(s) and family members for being there to cheer & support us!

Friday, March 19, 2010

This is just a small subset of the many wonderful photos Daniela took last Saturday. To view all 126 photos, with nice labels added too, CLICK HERE. Thanks Daniela!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here's an update on club uniforms from Pastor Paul:

Congratulations to many of you starting the tri-season. Now it is time to add your team gear. Above is the artwork for the Y tri club shirt and shorts. They will be ordered from Champion and you can check out the tri tops and bottoms by CLICKING HERE (see Tri & Running Templates, fifth group listed down near the bottom).

The total for each set should be under a hundred dollars. We will be ordering the Short T-Panel Bottoms and likely the Sleeveless Jersey or the Tri-Top (you can look at the Short Sleeve Jersey as well). We need to order at least 10 of the same item (say, bottoms) and then can order other items in whatever quantity. We can get sizes to try on ahead of time as long as we pay half the bill at the front end. I can pay my full amount. Any other takers?

Added: We are working to get a uniform template so you can see what the complete design will look like on some shorts and a top.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A big congratulations to those that raced last Saturday in the chilly lake water at Moss Park. There were two who did their first triathlon and many who had their best times, etc. What a great way to start off the season!

Here's a quick look at who did what:

Sprint Triathlon
Josh (1st place M25-29!)
Michael S (FIRST Triathlon!!)
Richard (3rd place M55-59!)

Coach Jacklynn (2nd Overall Female!)
Renee (3rd place F30-34!)

My First Triathlon
Ericka Stephens (2nd place F40-44 and her FIRST triathlon!!)

CLICK HERE for the full official race results. To figure out your pace/speed, use this Triathlon Conversion Calculator.

We are so proud of each and every one of you. Special thanks to Daniela for cheering and taking pics and the spouses as well for coming out to support. Stay tuned for some race photos to come!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tomorrow is Wildman, our first club race of the season and the first-ever tri for a couple club members!!

For those who missed the Wildman race webinar on Wednesday, CLICK HERE to view the recorded presentation. It does not include open session questions asked at the end but will give you a good overview of what to expect at the race.

And for those of you who missed the Transition practices this week, here is a photo of Coach Jacklynn's sprint tri transition setup (click to enlarge):

Note the use of a bright towel to help her find it easier and the minimal amount of stuff on it. She leaves some room on her towel to wipe her feet coming in from the swim (Transition 1, aka T1), puts on her bike helmet and sunglasses which are on her bike and then starts rolling her bike out. Her bike shoes are already attached to her pedals so she puts them on as she's riding. Those who would rather put their bike shoes on before leaving T1 will have their shoes on the towel.

Coming in from the bike (Transition 2, aka T2), Coach Jacklynn leaves her shoes on her pedals and dismounts while the bike is still rolling. Some will come to a full stop at the bike dismount point and run into the transition area with their bike shoes still on. She racks her bike then takes her helmet off, puts on her socks and running shoes and then starts heading out while putting on her hat, race belt, Garmin, etc. If your bike shoes are the same as your running shoes, all you'll need to do is rack your bike, grab what you need for your run and go.

For grins, here's a photo of what your transition setup should NOT look like (click to enlarge):

Although it is OK to have your bike helmet and bike shoes on your towel, there is WAY too much unnecessary stuff here, especially for a sprint tri. Less is best. For those seeking competitive sprint tri race times, an extra 10-20 seconds in transitions can often make a big difference in your race rankings. Practice!

Some things that may happen during a race that are not illegal but not recommended:

Wearing a bike helmet backwards (oops, unsafe).
From Art Cyclery blog.

Wearing a bike helmet during the run (forgot to take it off in T2).
From Triathlon Maniac blog.

And unfortunately I couldn't find a photo but have heard of some guys wearing a wetsuit during the entire race to save time taking it off in T1. This might be OK for a really cold short race but could cause major overheating especially on the run. Not a good idea in general if you're racing in Florida.

Good luck to everyone doing Wildman tomorrow!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

By request, our blog now has a Classified Ads section!

It's in the far right column under the Contact Us form. Local or online store specials will be listed there as well as items club members are looking for or interested in selling/giving away. To place your ad, just email Shirley or use the Contact Us form above the ads section. If you want to include a photo, we can include a link to view the photo in the ad. If you want to respond to an ad and don't know the person's email address, use the Contact Us form and we'll let them know (emails are not posted on the blog to prevent spam). Please let us know as soon as possible if you are no longer looking for an item or the item has been sold so we can keep the ads section up to date.

So while doing your Spring cleaning, see if you've got any extra bikes, bike pumps, wetsuits and other tri equipment you no longer need. We've got a number of folks who are new to the sport and could probably make good use of them. If you don't need money from selling items, consider donating the funds to the Blanchard Park Y Scholarship Fund and helping others who are less fortunate.

Monday, March 8, 2010

This weekend is Wildman, our first club race!

And here's something to motivate you for swim practice this week ;-)

You can thank Coach Jacklynn for that little gem. She will also be covering Transitions, the so-called "fourth sport" in triathlon, at two practices this week:

Tuesday, 3/9, 5pm, Run & Transitions (evening crew)
Friday, 3/12, 9:30am, Swim & Transitions (morning crew)

We'll be making things as close as possible to what you'd do during your race without all the extras so everyone who is new to tris, whether or not you are racing this weekend, please attend at least one of these practices. Experienced triathletes who want to tweak/improve their transition times are encouraged to come too. Bring the following in order to practice your transitions:

What you'll be wearing on the swim/run/bike segments and your wetsuit too if you can.

Swim goggles, swim cap, towel.

Bike, bike shoes (if different than running shoes), helmet, sunglasses, socks, running shoes, hydration belt if you wear one, Garmin, etc.

For those who are doing Wildman this weekend, Buttar is putting on a free 'webinar' live at 8:00pm Thursday night (3/11) Wednesday night (3/10). They will go over race specifics of the course and then you can chime in LIVE via computer chat to ask questions. There will probably be a lot of questions about the lake temperature, etc. Don't miss it if you're doing the event. Update: CLICK HERE to register for the webinar and you will be sent an invitation with a link so you can participate.

Here is a Race Check List that will help you remember the things you need to bring to your triathlon. Feel free to customize it. Folks racing should also review the Most Commonly Violated Rules of Triathlon. Note especially the ones that could result in disqualification!

If anyone has additional triathlon tips to share, please leave a comment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

First of all, let me be clear: I have never been an athlete. In high school, I was the asthmatic girl in the orchestra who took all the science classes. The very idea of having to run in PE sent me into such a frenzy that I would often have an asthma attack BEFORE I even went to class! In college, I tried fencing, was good at it, and got bit by the exercise bug. I loved beating the boys in tournaments, and I eventually became a nationally ranked fencer and competed in tournaments all over the country. But, eventually I had to grow up, finish my degree, live an adult life, and leave fencing behind.

I got married, and after 11 years of marriage had 3 little boys now aged 7 ½, 4 ½, and 2 ½. When I was pregnant with my third son I was sitting in a book club with a bunch of friends. One friend had just had a baby, and another was due any day. One of the (non-pregnant) women mentioned that she was going to be competing in the Danksin triathlon in May. We asked her all about it and decided that it sounded fun. We all decided to train together. The following October, eight of us competed in our first triathlon – we had 25 kids between us, and one of our friends won the whole event! I crossed the finish line last out of my group of eight friends, but I was exhilarated – I had done something really hard for the first time in my life. Training for the triathlon had challenged me in many ways, and I was able to overcome my fears and self-doubt and complete the race. Since then, I have competed in 7 other sprint triathlons, 2 half marathons, a number of 5k and 10k races, and the Ragnar relay – a running relay in which 12 people (some of my tri friends and I) ran from Tampa Bay to Daytona Beach in 36 hours.

I have come a long way since that first race, and I am in probably in the best shape of my life. But, I’m still not an elite athlete – among my group of triathlon club friends, I am often at the back of the pack. I usually finish in about the middle of my age group in most of my races. But it doesn’t matter to me – what matters most to me is how far I’ve come and that I continue to improve. In each race that I enter the only person I’m competing with is myself, and I strive to improve my time over my last race. I plan to continue racing until I’m one of those wiry 80-year-old ladies that pass me running now. My short term goals are to compete in an Olympic-length triathlon and a half Ironman. When my children are older and I have more time to train, I would love to do an Ironman.

I’m living proof that anyone can do a triathlon. I started from the couch after my third caesarian section. I have seen women and men of all body types and all skill levels in the races that I have competed in. I have seen a close friend shed close to a hundred pounds – weight he’s been battling since I knew him in college. In the end, all it takes is the desire to train consistently, and to actually TRI!


We are always looking for inspiration! If you'd like to share your story, email Shirley or use the Contact Us form (see far right column) and she'll get back to you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a mile south from Blanchard Park is Lake Downey (in Downey Park) where there is a small roped off swimming area. It's ideal for folks who've never swam in open water before as you'll never be far from shore and the water is shallow. You can swim laps back and forth (40-50 yds across), practice sighting (there is NO line on the bottom!), get a feel for swimming in a wetsuit and, if you're lucky, maybe see some fish or turtles. Here are a couple photos I took today (click on images to enlarge).

In the winter, there is NO lifeguard on duty. Swimming is allowed but only in the roped off area (I checked). There are restrooms and cold water showers nearby. To get there from the Dean entrance of Blanchard Park, keep heading south on Dean through Colonial (SR 50). Turn left at the first signal onto Flowers Ave. Make another left into the park entrance and follow the park road until you reach a large parking lot to your right. Turn into the parking lot and the swimming area will be straight ahead. Below is a satellite map of Downey Park.

A couple of us are planning to swim there this Saturday, March 6, in lieu of going to Lucky's Lake. If anyone else would like to join us or just watch, meet us at the Blanchard Park Y lobby area at 11am or down at Lake Downey around 11am.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recent reports say the water temp at Lucky's Lake and Lake Mary Jane (where the Wildman Tri swim will be held) are both in the high 50's!

And the above pic is NOT how triathletes usually swim in cold water (it's actually a swimmer competing in a cold water championship where wetsuits were not allowed).

Below are tips from 8 Ways to Handle Swimming in Cold Water (click on the link to read the full article). The first five aid in retaining heat and the last 3 help to reduce the shock on your system.

1. Wear two caps.
2. Wear a neoprene cap. (under your race cap)
3. Neoprene socks are a good idea. (may not be allowed or desired during a race, though)
4. Wear a wetsuit (see blog post dated 2/27 below).
5. Put in earplugs.
6. Practice swimming in cold water in the weeks before your race.
7. Do a significant warm-up the morning of your race. (10-15 min)
8. Blow bubbles before taking off on your swim.

Remember that triathletes in other parts of the country often swim in 50-60 deg water at their races and it's just part of the challenge. As with most things, being prepared and practicing will go a long ways. Tips #6 and #7 are actually useful for anyone who has open water swimming anxiety, cold water or not.

Happy swimming!

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